Lydia Phillips


In Uncategorized on July 19, 2010 at 5:11 pm


Nvar is the most beautiful 8 year old I’ve ever met! Lately we’ve been lovingly referring to her as our “poster-child” because of how often we’ve posted this picture around, garnering all kinds of support. Her photos have attracted attention all over Facebook; two separate donors have put $500 or more toward her surgery costs. People seem drawn to her in ways that they haven’t to other PLC kids (as far as I can tell).
Today I got to spend the day with her, playing games and learning colors in Kurdish and getting echocardiographs. What a crazy unreal experience! Playing hand-clap games with an Iraqi child whose heart is beating despite a huge whole in the bottom two chambers. In a few hours she’ll go through an operation I can’t even imagine, an operation I hope I never have.
She’s is the bravest, silliest, most beautiful 8-year-old I’ve ever met. Please be praying for her!
  1. >Thanks, Lydia! I just prayed for Nvar, that her body would be completely healed, that her heart would be "put back together" and that ultimately she will be a normal child able to enjoy the world. Thanks for doing your part in all this!

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