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>Lighter heads for heavy hearts?

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A couple of nights ago Ben (another intern) came home saying there was smoke coming from our office building and it may be burning down. Claire, Alex and myself headed out immediately to see what was going on (the office is only a 5 minute walk from our house). When we got there this is what we saw (it was in fact, not our office but a hotel on the same block)….

I quickly snuck past all of the police tape as “media”

The riot squad showed up with shields, armor, automatic weapons, and tasers.
This woman was pleading with the police to show her one of the bodies they had recently pulled from the building. They sent her away.
I only saw 4 bodies lifted out of the the windows the entire hour and a half we were there.
60 of the 62 rooms were booked that night.
We were chased away (with the rest of the crowd) by police men with tasers. Seriously. If Iraq was in America it would be a lawsuit.

In the end, 29 people were killed and 40 were hospitalized.
That same night we learned that the piece Yahyah needs to replace the pulmonary valve he was born without won’t arrive at the hospital in time for surgery.
Earlier that day a 14-year-old boy from Halabja had been in the office. 8 years before he was born, Saddam Hussein gassed his parent’s village–killing 5,000 people in a single afternoon. Now, 22 years after that day, Saddam Hussein is (“indirectly”) going to kill their son. Its incredible to me that more people aren’t angered over this chain of events. When I met him, Joshua told me (aside, even though the boy doesn’t understand English) “He’s going to die.” This boy who has lived 14 years is dying and inoperable.
A lot of heavy stuff this week. Tonight we go to Turkey though where we’ll see 4 new kids receive life-saving surgery. Praise God.

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