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>Weekend Funtimes

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Everyday here seems a little more like I unlimited time to hang out with my 10 best friends. I can’t believe how much I love all of the other interns! We get to hang out and have fun all the time, whether at work or at home, we’re always together and I love it. The weekends are almost a challenge because we don’t get to go to work, so we have to find some other entertainment.
But sometimes ultra special occasions happen, and last weekend was Claire’s birthday!

We went to Park Azadi and rode the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, got cotton candy, and even had a cake.

It was fantastic. 🙂
This weekend was Anna’s first weekend here in Suly. She’s from England and she’s here to be a nanny for the Courtney’s two kids.

We took her to the bazaare and had photo-scavengar hunt. Yesss.

Smoothies, Kurdish teens, Juli-Kurdi (traditional clothes): All things we had to find.

Crazy amounts of dress shoes!
Ok, not part of the hunt but my personal fave– “STREET CORNET YOUTH DOES NOT STOP THE MUSIC DAY CLAP”
Find something obviously made in China.
Fun, fun weekends here in Kurdistan 🙂 I’m definitely going to miss this.
  1. >Thanks, Lyd!!! It looks like you have a adjusted well and have made some new lifetime friends. We love you and miss you!

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