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>An all-around FANTASTIC day.

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2010 at 1:50 pm


Happy June the 1st! Its also Children’s Day here in Iraq (and around the world) so today we went to this park and flew kites with Kurdish kids! It was way more fun than I ever expected (Children’s Day isn’t exactly a thrilling concept for someone who doesn’t like children) and we had a blast.

After work a group of us went to Park Azadi for more Children’s Day festivities! Sooo many people in the park. Its seriously such a beautiful place to hang out.

Sunlight + Sand = Sky.
Preston and I went on a quest for cotton candy and were hugely successful. Iraqis LOVE sweets, there are endless opportunities for ice cream and popsicles and cotton candy all over the place.

The otherside of Park Azida is a mini-Disneyland. It has a few rides and bumper cars and more cotton candy. They let me and Preston in for free because we had cameras and said we were just taking pictures, which was great!

Hope you like the pictures!
  1. >Nice pictures! I like the second one down (kites and kids).

  2. >Your photographs are getting stronger and stronger – a good sign that your becoming more and more comfortable being where you are. I also love the second photo! Can't wait to see more 🙂

  3. >(This is Mom on Dad's computer.) Really nice pictures! Wish I had some of your cotton candy!

  4. >Gah! Lyd! I need an update! This is the third time I've checked since lunch! I wanna hear about your birthdayyyy.<3 Mandolin

  5. >LOVE the pictures! Especially the kites 🙂

  6. >Thank you thank you!

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