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>Shoemakers and Brain Soup

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Today I went with Preston, Ben (two interns) and Awara (our well-connected Kurdish leader) to meet with Kakaram about Klash. Kaka is a shoemaker in the bazaar who works closely with PLC to sell shoes to fund heart surgery. If any of you remember those crazy Kurdish shoes I bought last fall, this is the guy who made them.

We’re talking with him about developing a more feminine pair of Klash that might be more popular to westerners. This is where Kakaram is very, very special because Klash are traditional Kurdish shoes that ONLY men wear (and probably 2 out of 3 men you see still wear them) Visiting him was great!

Afterwards we had lunch. I love so much the way they do meals here. Everything is served with these huge pieces of flat bread, sometimes on the floor, sometimes on a table…anywhere! We had to eat back here in Kakaram’s store because I’m not allowed to eat in the cafes in the bazaar (especially with 4 men).
For lunch? Brain soup! Its called “Serapay” and this version is a soup with brain, tongue, foot, and “mid-region” pieces of meat in a oil-y broth. Mmmm! 🙂

I lovelovelovelovelovelove that you always get a little cup of tea after every meal. People drink tea constantly. Correction: men drink tea constantly. Women aren’t allowed in tea houses or coffee shops most of the time. In a house, you’ll be served tea but not normally in public. I think it was ok this time for me because we were sitting in Kakaram’s shop and not out on the street.
  1. >Ok, brain soup sounds revolting. But tea after every meal sounds divine!!! That's one of the things I remember most about being in Turkey. Sounds like you are getting to do all kinds of cool things. When would the more feminine looking shoes be ready? And are they going to be comfortable?Love you!

  2. >Do you sit on the floor to eat? Is that normal? Maybe what Iraq needs is a "table" maker and a "chair" maker!

  3. >The way you wrote: "I lovelovelovelovelovelove that you always get a the little cup of tea …" was really sweet and I could just "hear" you saying it. 🙂 You might have to start a collection of tea cups!You are very brave to eat "brain soup"; I don't think I could've eaten any. 🙂

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