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>Welcome to Iraq!

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Day One, exploring the Bazaar….
but first, the rules:
1. Don’t look men in the eye
2. Don’t talk to men, don’t talk too loudly
3. If you need to address a man, get one of the guys to talk for you.
4. Don’t take pictures of “important” buildings. (…)

So that was yesterday. Walking around the city, ending with a picnic in the park! Iraq is awesome. And a lot safer than I expected, I had my 5D out and shooting the entire time.
Today we’ve been in the PLC office, brainstorming for what the rest of the summer will look like. We have short term things (daily blog/photos) and long term (getting ready for PLC’s fall tour!) projects to plan as well as visiting families in surrounding villages 4 days a week. The great part is I pretty much get to do everything! Or at least be along for the ride. I’ll also be doing a “big picture” weekly photo blog and a series for the new Remedy campaign. 30 kids, 30 days.
Enough writing from me for now, but look into Remedy! Its an amazing opportunity to make your money count for something a little more.
  1. >Keep the blog coming along. Meanwhile Lina is in not in a bazaar, but in the middle of RFK Stadium stalking Ronaldinho.

  2. >I love places like this!! Can you buy lots of cool stuff and bring it back??!!! PLEASE 🙂 Any cool foods or jewelry or clothes that you want to bring would be really welcome!!! I LOVE trying new things! And take more pictures 🙂 I really like the way you capture people's faces.

  3. >About the "safety" thing — don't get too comfortable. 🙂 So far everything sounds perfect!

  4. >wow what an exciting experience!! i can't wait to see more.

  5. >Yay! Hugs 🙂

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