Lydia Phillips

Driftwood Beach, GA

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I’ve recently been able to spend some time on the coast of Georgia– a place entirely new to me. On this particular morning a friend and I got up extra early to watch the sun come up over the Atlantic ocean on Driftwood Beach. The pictures aren’t half as beautiful as the real thing!

The humidity quickly fogged my lens, making the entire scene extra-eerie!

Sunrise over the ocean. 

Driftwood Beach

Entire trees litter the beach.

A tree stump grounded in sand.

Alex in the ocean.

Even in full sunlight its still such a beautiful beach!



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I have the unique privilege of knowing a professional ballerina. Sarah dances for the Washington Ballet company and she and I have worked together on a handful of photo projects. I’ve been talking with her recently about an upcoming shoot and it reminded me of these pictures she and I took almost a year ago. They’re all shot on location at the National Cathedral!

Ocean City, MD

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A day trip with Julia Benton!